Modern JS

A guide to help you learn Modern JavaScript

The beginning

What is JavaScript ? What is modern JavaScript ?

Includes a walkthrough of JavaScript's modern facets throughout the years, including: Web page events & DHTML, AJAX & DOM, jQuery, JavaScript components, JavaScript MVC, JavaScript on the server & languages that produce JavaScript.

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Modern JavaScript essentials: Concepts, language syntax & tools

Includes explanation of ECMAScript, Shims and Polyfills, Package managers, Transpiling and transpilers, Modules, namespaces & module types, Module loaders and bundlers, Callback functions, Promises.

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The libraries

React JS

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces(UI), built by Facebook

Includes explanation of React components without ES6 (createClass()), React components with ES6 (React.Component); React component use of this, props and state; JSX, Babel & transpiling; React deployment with npm and webpack.

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A JavaScript client side MVC framework, built by Google

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